Bayou Region Incubator

Chevron Donated $50K to Develop Nicholls Bayou Region Incubator and the Student Entrepreneur and Innovation Center

Nicholls recently received $50,000 from Chevron to develop the Bayou Region Incubator and the Student Entrepreneur and Innovation Center, which will provide business incubation and co-working space for entrepreneurs striving to develop a business venture. This space will be accessible to students in various stages of business development from ideation to validation, to launching and scaling a business.

“Our goal is to catapult small businesses in our Bayou Region. The Incubator is a place where entrepreneurs can work independently, but not alone. We want them to feel connected with resources, training, partnerships and mentors that will offer them complementary perspectives to truly grow their ideas into success stories,” said Lisa Kliebert, Executive Director of Nicholls’ Bayou Region Incubator. “By doing so, our Bayou Region will grow in economic value, which helps all residents. Chevron’s support for the Incubator truly incorporates the positive collaboration we are looking for, so that all of the Bayou Region grows together.”

“At Chevron, we believe the most creative solutions emerge in environments where diverse voices are heard,” said Chevron Corporate Affairs Manager Leah Brown. “The Bayou Region Incubator and Student Entrepreneur and Innovation Center allows a diverse group of students and small businesses to come together in a collaborative space. Here, bold-thinking will help them grow their business to their fullest potential, while also making their dreams a reality. Chevron is proud to be a part of it.”



About Nicholls Bayou Region Incubator and the Student Entrepreneur & Innovation Center

Nicholls State University received a $3.5M  Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) to establish the Bayou Region Incubator. The university has purchased and initiated plans to renovate a 10,535 square foot two-story building located approximately one mile away from the University’s main campus in downtown Thibodaux.

The BRI plans to host approximately 25 to 30 startups and small businesses, offering collaborative work and meeting spaces, private offices, multifunctional conference rooms, a break room and restrooms. In addition, the BRI will provide a large co-working space designed for members who want a dedicated workspace but do not require a private office. There will also be a level of membership for established businesses seeking training for employees around workforce transferable skills through an Enterprise membership level.



Through the incubator, local entrepreneurs will have access to consulting, training, technical assistance and funding opportunities. The incubator will also bring guest speakers to campus, host entrepreneurial workshops, organize pitch competitions and provide professional development.

The incubator’s objectives include enhancing resiliency in a post-COVID-19 environment by diversifying the local economy and developing strategies for businesses to adapt and respond to new economic trends and unexpected challenges. Additionally, the incubator will organize programs for minority and women-owned businesses and support business development and job creation in low and moderate-income communities. For more information, visit