The Bayou Region Incubator will provide and connect training, services, mentorships, networking and other support to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a specific focus on those operating within the Bayou Region.

The Incubator will assist in new business development to impact economic development in response and proactively due to the pandemic and economic threatening risks.

The BRI will focus on ever-changing threats to the coast, community, health and economy by continuous response, assistance, need adaptation, and development. 


The mission of Bayou Region Incubator, Inc. (BRI) is to motivate, grow and support a diverse, sustainable and inclusive economy in the Bayou Region of South Louisiana.

This will be accomplished through intentional investments in entrepreneurship and small business development.

BRI’s mission is to assist development of industries addressing Louisiana’s coastal crisis and strengthen the economic vitality following the negative economic effects resulting from both COVID-19 and ongoing environmental threats to coastal communities.


Our vision is to economically strengthen and contribute to an inclusive community by operating with the innovative forefront of Louisiana’s coastal and water crisis where entrepreneurs emerge, jobs are created and businesses thrive.